Technical Help



I don’t hear the lector

Double check if your sound is not too low on your computer (usually the icon is on the bottom of the computer screen).   Also, check if you don’t have low volume on the live chat window on the top, and check if you have your headset plugged in (if you have one).   The headset itself has a volume control, so check that as well.


The Lector cannot hear me

Double check if your microphone is turned on (in the live chat window on the top).


The sound transmission is too slow (there are gaps in the conversation)

Probably your connection is slow or you are connected to a bad wifi response (it can happen for example in some restaurants and coffee houses, etc). The minimal speed requirement to connect is 1 MB. If the problem is interfering with the quality of the conversation, you can transfer with your lector to Skype (all lectors have Skype accounts as well). Your payment will be taking care of by leaving the live chat window open for the credit count (both parties have to do that) and by lowering the volume of the live chat.  Skype has lower requirements for speed connection than live chat.


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