If you have excellent foreign language skills, you have broad general insight, are communicative and would like to work as a lector on Speakonline.cz, contact us at info@speakonline.cz

We will connect with you, test your language skills, communication readiness and then we can discuss the details.

This job as a lector on Speakonline.cz is suitable for people who spend lots of time around a computer, and can interrupt their computer activity (study, work, entertainment) to spend time with the customer.

The technical requirements for lectors are to have very good internet connection (min 1 MB = 8Mb/sec), a headset with microphone and a web-camera.

Lectors on speakonline.cz do not have any set work hours or schedule, they can be online for customers whenever they have time and have the desire to teach.


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