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 On this website you can:

Immediately converse live in English and in other languages with lectors who are currently online
Prepare yourself for a job interview, a business meeting, final school exams, University exams, traveling abroad or simply just to chat.

Learning foreign languages online:


You can find out how teaching online with lectors works in the “Information about live chat” section or you can click directly to a specific language section (English online, German online, Russian online, French online, Italian online).

You can also learn by using theme videos with translations on our website or practice grammar on selected parts of music videos.


Online lectors here:

If you already have the basics of foreign language, all you need now is to listen, to read and to speak. You can do all of this with us.


Topics for conversations for online chatting:


Job Interview         Final exam questions  Common topics        Business Language

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   English online also contains these two sections: 

   News                               Grammar with popstars




We are constantly working on updating the topics and we will gradually continue to add more videos and texts.
If you have any questions, ideas, or comments, please contact us.



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